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GPS : Positionning
47° 46' 3.4" N - 73° 19'9.8"W
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See regulations of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife of Quebec
Declaration of firearms for non-residents "(form CAFC 909 EF-W), and sign it back on site at the border on arrival. For information: 1-800-731-4000 View website

In the chalet and camps :

Refrigerator with a freezer
Cooking Stove with oven B.B.Q.
Crockery cutlery, utensils, pots and pans, Coffeemakers,
Soap for Dishes, Dishcloth Cloths, Toilet paper
Pillows and mattresses
Pillowcases and sheets contours

Suggestion for the propane fridge :

The lighting, cooker, fridge and water heater works on propane. A gas refrigerator does not yield the same cooling power as a electric refrigerator. We suggest, to use a ice cooler for  your drinks (beer, liquor, juice) to avoid opening the refrigerator door too frequently.

Suggestion for the Chalet :

All your food. (European Plan)
Cooler and ice to keep drinks cool (and give a chance for our propane refrigerators).
Towels and washcloth (European Plan)
Shampoo and soap, Medication (if necessary)
First aid kit (EpiPen for allergy sufferers)
Warm clothes, Rainwear, Waterproof boots
Swimsuit (if desired)
Paper towels Kleenex, Plastic bags to pack your catches
Alarm clock
Sleeping bags or sheets and warm blankets (European Plan)
Earplugs (if one of your buddies is snoring...)

For fishing

Fishing rod, Spare fishing line
Filleting knife, Lures:
Walleye : split shot # 4, # 4 hook, line of 6 to 8 lbs, Rapala blue, silver, orange, black, yellow perch (approx 3 inches), jigs yellow, white, black with white heads or lead, botton bouncer.
Pike : red and white spoon (Daredevil) most popular lures but several other like bright lures that attract attention, line of 8 to 12 lbs, Landing net. Fish stringer. 

** At Windigo, the daily limit and possession permit is the same as the regulations of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife Quebec
For zone 26, that is 6 walleyes and 6 pikes.
You may keep yellow walleye between 32 cm up to and including 47 cm in length

For hunting

For hunting:
Safety vest, ( hunter must wear a fluorescent,
orange-colored safety vest
Weapon and ammunitions
Net against mosquitoes.
Gloves, Warm clothes, Boots. 
Please note that your gun must be unloaded (no cartridge in the chamber or in the magazine) when you're on your outfitter ground or going to the hunting site.
Important: All non-resident of Canada, who crossed the Canadian border with firearms must complete the "Declaration of firearms for non-resident" (Form CAFC 909 EF-W), on arrival at the Canadian border sign the form and leave it to the border patrol.
For information: 1-800-731-4000 or
Windigo Outfitters for Walleye and Pike Fishing
Windigo Outfitters for Walleye and Pike Fishing
Internet access (WI-FI )
Bar, Freezer, Drinking Water, Ices
Fishing tackle
Boat rental, Motor rental
Mini Convenience Store
Hunting and fishing Permit
Boat ramp, Guide Service
Fishing worm and lure
Flotation vest
Walleye Fishing
Pike Fishing, Ice Fishing
Black bear hunting
Moose Hunting
Small Game Hunting
Ski touring
Snow shoeing
Snowmobile lodge ( Relais )
Swimming, Canoeing
kayaking Berry picking
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Fishing at  Pourvoirie Windigo
Windigo Outfitters, for fishing, hunting, snowmobile and outdoors activities
Pourvoirie Windigo Face Book
 Windigo Outfitters member of Tourism Mauricie
 Windigo Outfitters Association des pourvoiries de la Mauricie
Phone.  :   (819) 523-8181
A stay at Windigo Outfitter...
P.O  Box.  583, La Tuque (Qc) Canada G9X 3P4
Windigo Outfitters, for fishing, hunting, snowmobile and outdoors activities
Will allow you to discover breathtaking panoramic sceneries. Our rustic style lodge assures you a unique reception and a most comfortable environment.  Our excellent cuisine will surely satisfy your expectations.  We expect you in all seasons where you can be assured of an unforgettable stay.   Martine and Daniel ...
Establishment number: 850110
Les Pourvoiries Du Québec
Services, Salle à Manger
Open all year round. It is located in Haute-Mauricie northwest of the city of La Tuque, in the province of Quebec in Canada. It offers several package for walleye and pike, for hunting black bear in spring and small game as well as snowmobiling, ice fishing, family vacation and outdoors activities.
Phone.  :   (819) 523-8181
Establishment number: 850110
P.O  Box.  583, La Tuque (Qc) Canada G9X 3P4
Windigo Outfitters, For Fushing, Hunting, Snowmobile and Outdoors activities
Windigo Outfitters, For Fishing, Hunting, Snowmobile And Outdoors Activities
Windigo Outfitters, for fishing, hunting, snowmobile and outdoors activities
Windigo Outfitters, for fishing, hunting, snowmobile and outdoors activities